this is it

19 08 2009

HIM (1:20 PM): you mean you’ll b available at nine
A (1:21 PM): Around then, yes.
HIM (1:21 PM): ok cause my mom gotta go in at that time?
A (1:21 PM): Huh? Go in?
HIM (1:22 PM): to work…
HIM (1:22 PM): all nighter
HIM (1:26 PM): look. i jus want a minute to express my deepest sympathies as well emotions that i think can benifit our foundation.. i want you back and im…. honeslty begging for another chance… NEVER begged but i guess we all deserve alil humbleness.. i want you.. aint gonna let go.. sorry.. so you can tell then other sucka face ass niggas to bag back fareal!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HIM (1:26 PM): you wanna step up…. you gon get it!!!!
A (1:32 PM): I really do hope that’s the case here. I also need you to respect how I am feeling, the confusion, hurt, heartache
A (1:32 PM): and I need you to realize that things are going to take time to mend
A (1:32 PM): This ain’t no overnight process. Patience is key.
HIM (1:33 PM): i agree and understand… juswant a real shot
A (1:33 PM): I will give it to you.
A (1:33 PM): I am a sucker. LOL
HIM (1:34 PM): fuck dat… no your not.. you see us but its faint and distant… its my job to make it clear
HIM (1:35 PM): i will make you proud.. i will take the time to better my self.. to do great by you.. you want the best for an its time i realize are the best thing i got.. an i do now
A (1:39 PM): It’s unfortunate it took another man in the picture to get you to see all this
HIM (1:40 PM): really it wasnt your gonna do you
HIM (1:41 PM): i jus know no matter how i was acting i wasnt done…
A (1:41 PM): Could have fooled me.
HIM (1:41 PM): and i showed it the wrong way.. if thats what think that suck
HIM (1:42 PM): i was more hurt then anything… not a luaghing matter ;(
HIM (1:43 PM): i mean if da nigga drop the shit better then me what can i do? ? ? ? ?
HIM (1:43 PM): he abviously got some pull
HIM (1:44 PM): meaning advanteges that many dont have wit you. or i could be wrong’
A (1:45 PM): ?
A (1:45 PM): Why are you so focused there?
HIM (1:46 PM): jus gotta do what i gotta do…
HIM (1:47 PM): but honestly i wanna jump into gettin shit straight…
HIM (1:48 PM): like… now
HIM (1:48 PM): this means alot to me.. thats why i want tonight. cause i wanna show it… not talk it..
A (1:49 PM): I know you do
A (1:49 PM): but I am not going to schedule my life around you like I used to
HIM (1:49 PM): was that sarcazum
A (1:50 PM): No
A (1:50 PM):
HIM (1:50 PM): lol
HIM (1:50 PM): jus askin
A (1:51 PM):
A (1:51 PM): LOL
HIM (1:51 PM): well alright… i can dig dat…
HIM (1:51 PM): i guess
HIM (1:51 PM):
A (1:51 PM): Trust is hard to regain
HIM (1:52 PM): uh yeah i know
A (1:52 PM): I hate that everytime your phone goes off I wonder if it’s some bitch you met on the DL
HIM (1:53 PM): NEVER ONCE HAS EVER CALLED>>> NEVER ONCE!!!! i have met one chick… thats it!!!!! true shit
HIM (1:56 PM): those were more like noteable situations that should have talked with you about to make you understand the situation was far from som lo lo shit..more friends and ol situations… once again were i dropped the ball
HIM (1:56 PM): but the very true
HIM (1:57 PM): need to be more open.. no secrets… i know an im trying
A (1:57 PM): I look forward to seeing this chagne Kyle, I really do. It’s all I wanted from you all along.
HIM (1:59 PM): i know.. let me fall, let me crawl let me stand but jus please help an not turn u back on me… thats what i want back… my repect.. fuck the rest
HIM (1:59 PM): well.. not you but you kno
A (2:00 PM): I was the one there through everything. Trying to be there and biting my tounge, sacraficing my wants for your needs at times… and I realized that’s not going to work long term regarless. I need you to give just as much as I do, and at times, when I am down, even more.
A (2:00 PM): When I was down, I felt like you kicked me… because you were down too.
A (2:01 PM): Although I ended up doing the same, at least I showed you how much I cared about you despite how mad I got. That is what I need in return
A (2:01 PM): No matter what, I ALWAYS want to feel loved, Kyle. ALWAYS.
HIM (2:03 PM): yeah i hear you an do take heed to those words.. an i did see it an will never take it for grantted again..
HIM (2:04 PM): I WILL CHANGE BACK TO HIM tha claridy boy.. i mad you a promise ill be good an im gonna keep dat
HIM (2:14 PM): well i guess i dont have the priv to ask for a ride when you done tonight huh
A (2:21 PM): Not unless you have gas or a blunt LOL
HIM (2:24 PM): got gas got blunt… got sum else too!
HIM (2:25 PM): punch me like dat huh
A (2:27 PM): punch?




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